What is the maximum angle the caravan levelling system will auto level to?

Up to approximately 5% or 3°


Although this question has no direct answer due to several variables which differ depending on the make and model of the caravan. For example, the distance between jacks fitted on the axle, the stroke of the caravan jack and the available stroke of the Al-Ko big foot corner steadies.



How does the caravan leveller work if this angle is too severe?

You can use the manual function on the remote control, using the inbuilt level indicator and placing suitable chocks at the relevant jacking points if necessary. 

What is the current draw?

Normal conditions = 11 amp + 1-2 seconds at 17 amp when over pressurising to ensure all jacks are fully retracted.

Extreme conditions (e.g. Cold weather) = 17 amp.

How long does the system take to level the caravan?

120 seconds maximum.

What happens if the caravan battery runs flat?

The caravan levelling system requires a fully charged battery to operate, it is an auto levelling devise needing power, just like a fridge or heating system.

You can manually retract the jacks using the optional manual hand pump if you choose to have it installed.


What is the minimum battery voltage required to operate the Levelsystem?

12 volts.

Is the warranty of my caravan affected by installing the levelsystem?

The E&P Level C system is compatible with all makes and model of caravan and is offered by various OEM’s as standard fitment, or as an optional extra, as well as being offered in the aftermarket only through our Approved Installation Centres.


The warranty of the caravan manufacturer is not affected by the fitting of the Level C system. Caravan manufacturers fit corner steadies to their vans in line with guidance and approval from AL-KO, who supply the corner steadies. AL-KO have tested the E&P system and given their approval for our corner steady.


The AL-KO report determined that the Level C system actually prevents too much force being applied through the corner steadies, when compared to a standard corner steady, thereby helping to protect the floor of the caravan.

What happens if I lose the remote control or the battery runs flat?

You can operate the caravan leveller from the main control panel inside the caravan door.


Replacements can be ordered from an E&P Hydraulics Accredited Dealer



What if I forget to retract the caravan levelling system before leaving?

This is nearly impossible, due to the fact you would be unable to hook up the caravan to the tow vehicle.



Can I stand inside the caravan when the system is self-levelling?

No, this will cause the level sensor to go out of synchronisation. It is all so important you can see what is going on around and underneath the caravan for safety reasons.



Will the caravan level system lose pressure over time?

No, it is a closed loop hydraulic system.



Can I store my caravan with the leveller system deployed?

Yes, this is a useful for protecting tyres during long periods of storage, but it will not completely stop tyre degradation.



Can I use the jacks to help me fit security devises to my wheels?

Yes, this aids the fitment of wheel security devises greatly. However you, the user, needs to ensure the caravan is safe to lift.

*Please note the E&P Levelsystem is not designed as a lifting device to allow you to work underneath the caravan – always follow

safe practice and use axle stands when working under a vehicle.