What is the maximum angle the motorhome level system will auto level to? 

Up to approximately 5% or 3°


Although this question has no direct answer due to several variables which differ depending on the make and model of the vehicle. For example, the distance between jacks fitted on the chassis, the stroke of the motorhome jack etc.


How do you level if this angle is too severe?

You can use the manual function on the remote control, using the inbuilt level indicator. This will give you more available stroke on the jacks. In the unlikely event that you still cannot find a level position, then you can place suitable chocks at the relevant jacking points if necessary. However, please take care to ensure you create a sure footing.



How long does the motorhome levelling system take to level?

120 seconds maximum.



What happens if the motorhome battery runs flat?

The E&P Hydraulics leveller system requires a fully charged battery to operate, it is an auto levelling device needing power, just like a fridge or heating system. However, you can retract the jacks manually if there is an emergency.



What is the minimum battery voltage required to operate the E&P Hydraulics level system?

12 volts – 800 watts


The E&P Hydraulics Motorhome levelling system takes its power from the vehicle’s main battery and requires the engine to be running whilst in use. Therefore, if the battery is flat then the hydraulic levelling system cannot be used…but then neither can your motorhome!  -  As a result of this possible eventuality, there is a manual operation which can be applied should you require it.



What happens if I lose the remote control or the battery runs flat?

You can operate the motorhome levelling system from the main control panel, located inside the motorhome, usually at the rear saloon door.


Replacements can be ordered from an

E&P Hydraulics Accredited Dealer.



What if I forget to retract the motorhome levelling jacks before leaving?

There is an inbuilt safety feature ensuring the levelling system will only work when the hand brake is engaged. If you release the hand brake with the levelling jacks still deployed, an alarm will sound and the hydraulic jacks will retract immediately.

Can I stand inside the motorhome when the level system is operating?

No, this could cause the hydraulic levelling sensor to go out of synchronisation. It is also very important that you can see what is going on around and underneath the motorhome for safety reasons.



Will the system lose pressure over time?

No, the motorhome system is a closed loop hydraulic levelling system.



Where are the pump and control panel fitted?

This is a mutual decision made between the customer and E&P Service Technician and it usually depends on the vehicle layout. Ideally it would be located in a storage locker inside the motorhome where it is safe and secure from any tampering and/or poor weather conditions etc. If there is no feasible place to install within the vehicle, there is a strong possibility of mounting the pump underneath using custom E&P Housing.

The control panel positioning is also reliant on the vehicle and is again agreed between the E&P Technician and the customer. It is usually just inside an entrance for easy access.



Can I store my motorhome with the hydraulic levelling jacks down?

Yes, this is useful for protecting tyres during long periods of storage, but it will not completely stop tyre degradation. However, please ensure the exposed cylinders on the jacks are suitably protected from the elements, to prevent corrosion. This can be done with silicon spray, or by wrapping the hydraulic jacks with a cloth material.



Can I use the levelling system to help me fit security devices to my wheels and/or change a tyre?

Yes, a massive benefit to the E&P Hydraulics levelling system is that it aids with lifting the vehicle, to change the wheels & tyres quickly and easily. However it is the user’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is safe to lift and that it is adequately supported with axle stands if any work is being carried out under the vehicle. Please do NOT work under a vehicle if the only method of support is the E&P Levelsystem.



How long does it take to install?

On average it can take between 16 and 20 hours to install an E&P Hydraulics Motorhome Levelsystem. You would therefore be required to leave your motorhome with the dealer for 2 working days.

*The user has all responsibility for the safety during manual operation. At no point should you lie under the motorhome when the jacks are deployed. 



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