MMM Magazine - Strictly on the Level

“Specialist Automotive Products, one of E&P Hydraulics’ Accredited Dealers in the UK, featured in the July 2014 edition of MMM magazine”.

One of SAP’s customers, Mr Martin Bennett, felt the need to counter a view (about levelling motorhomes) put forward in MMM’s ‘Strictly on the Level’ article (March issue). Mr Bennett claims that fitting the E&P levelling system has improved his holidaying experience so much, it has also allowed him to keep his van for another 5 years, thereby saving money on a replacement vehicle. It’s always nice to receive feedback from our customers (whatever the format) and we’d like to thank SAP for doing such a good job with the installation, and Mr Bennett for taking the time to pass on his positive views on the product and on SAP. If you would like to find out how E&P can help your holidaying experience, please contact your nearest Accredited UK Dealer.

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