Buccaneer finds the Perfect Level

E&P Hydraulics is pleased to announce that, as reported in the attached issue of Caravan Buyer magazine, all 2015 Buccaneer models will come with the E&P caravan Levelsystem fitted as standard.

This development marks a big step forward, not just for E&P Hydraulics and The Explorer Group Limited, but for the UK caravan market in general. According to Oliver Drinkwater, Managing Director of E&P UK: “The Explorer Group have clearly shown, through their whole-hearted commitment and innovative approach to product development, their genuine desire to be the market leader by becoming the first OEM in the UK to specify such a system as standard on their top end brand, Buccaneer. The benefits the system offers mean that the reception in the market, since the launch, has been very positive and I hope the popularity of the Levelsystem may lead to it becoming an optional extra on other Elddis models over the coming months.” For those who already own a Buccaneer (or any other make/model) and who find manually levelling their caravan and fitting wheel-locks continually frustrating and difficult, the system can be retro-fitted through the E&P UK Dealer network.

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